Keep in touch with CareSpeak

Medication adherence is a key component in improving health outcomes. For this reason Geritom employs a free mobile technology solution called CareSpeak. This platform communicates directly with the patient and designated caregiver's mobile phone delivering automated communications. These text messages help improve medical therapy compliance with alerts that notify a pharmacist when a patient is not adhering to their regimen, and helps with managing and reporting any side effects.

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Below are a few highlights of CareSpeak technology:

  • Medication intake reminders that ensure patients take their medication as prescribed and on time

  • Medication refill reminders to ensure patient's uninterrupted medication therapy

  • Escalation text messages to caregivers family and friends in the event the patient does not confirm taking medication within a pre-determined amount of time (e.g. 30 min)

  • Weekly reports to pharmacist identifying high-risk patients with low medication adherence

  • Regular prompts to patient asking about any side effects they may be experiencing

  • After reporting side effect(s) patient receives educational tips on how to manage those side effects

  • Reported side effects are tracked and viewable for pharmacist online

  • Patient can request to additionally be contacted by pharmacist for further consultation via text

  • Patients can direct message via a text message the pharmacy staff to ask questions, report side effects, and more